Little More Life in Your Day

The other day I was driving between appointments and had the radio on. There was a great song that was new to me. The artist was singing about the common ground we all share by having 86,400 seconds of time bestowed upon us each and every new day. Yet as we scurry to handle our responsibilities, tasks, and the things we think are “important”, we often find ourselves asking for more time. When the day is done, we usually have a sense that some things were left undone.

The message in the song said rather than lamenting the need for more TIME, the thing we really need is more LIFE in our day. As those seconds tick off, what can you do to bring more life into the moment? WOW! What a concept. We will always be challenged by the circumstances of our day. Sometimes we really cannot control those things. What we can control is the quality of the life we live in response to those moments.

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