Managers Making the Move; Reins vs Reigns

When someone gets promoted it is called “taking the reins” as in taking control of the horse. It’s an old saying, but an accurate word picture. Late one night, I was sending emails to a group of colleagues and erroneously typed “taking the reigns”. One of my most esteemed friends […]

Finding Slack for Better Work-Life Balance

When I was a kid, we actually played with the old tin cans connected by string. By pulling the string tight between the cans, you could use them as a low grade telephone to talk to your friends. The science was that sound waves which could be transmitted down the […]

Power Trippin’

As managers, many face the challenge of handling the power that comes with our position. All positions of management have some notion of power attached, whether the person filling the role deserves it or not. The fact that they were selected to be the manager gives them that power. [shareable […]

Money Matters: How Much is Enough?

From my many years as a community banker, I learned something very interesting about money. Every person has a different view on the age-old question “how much is enough”. This issue causes a constant state of turmoil for so many people. Finding the right answer for yourself can resolve a […]

9 Steps to Becoming a Better Manager

Are you a new manager? Or an experienced manager whose people skills might be slipping? Take this refresher course in effective management strategies. In most businesses, many managers acquire their titles and supervisory responsibilities in the absence of any formal training—or, for that matter, any natural leadership skills. Even trained […]

Managers: Are you Thankful?

So today is the holiday known as Thanksgiving in the U.S. Tradition has families gathering at dinner tables all over the country. The feast is legend. Usually the main course is turkey prepared now in numerous ways; baked, fried, stuffed, and on and on. The ‘trimmings’, as we call it […]

Need a coach

How to Know if YOU have the Heart of a Leader

There is a whole body of academic work surrounding studies about management versus leadership. One of the best explanations I know states simply: Management is about the process. Leadership is about people. ~Doug Thorpe Being a good manager means business goals (or personal goals) are getting met. The process is […]

New Managers – Begin with the End in Mind

This is one of the wisest teachings I have heard in a long time. Anyone who has been appointed as a new manager should be thinking about this vital aspect of the new role they are playing at work. Step #2 in Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits” is ‘begin with the […]

Be a Better Boss | Add Recognition to the Mix

In a recent article featured in the Harvard Business Review, recognition was identified as one of the easiest things you can do to be considered a great boss. According to David Stuart: “Most leaders receive surprisingly little development before assuming their first supervisory roles. In fact, many get no leadership […]

Advice to New Managers | Complaints Go Up

First time managers face a big challenge knowing how to channel the complaints they feel about the workplace. In a clip from the epic WWII movie, “Saving Private Ryan”, Tom Hanks as Captain Miller answers a question from one of his men about what to do with complaints. I could […]