Super Bowl Goes Business School

This year’s 51st installment of the NFL Super Bowl (American football) was a spectacular case study of principles you should/could learn in the best business schools. Please indulge me this moment to explore what I mean. I accept that there are some of you out there who hate sports analogies. To those, my apologies, but […]

The King of Leadership Fails

Executives, managers and entrepreneurs fail for many reasons, but there is one undisputed King of Fails; the Boss who cannot recognize the key talent on his/her own team. Littered across the job change landscape are thousands of very sharp and gifted people who were basically ignored by their boss. These disheartened souls choose to find a new […]

Four Responsibilities A CEO Cannot Delegate (and why)

CEO Duties

Here is a guest post from friend and HeadwayExec colleague Keith Okano. You can read more of Keith’s work on his blog at One of the most common tasks I have is to help a CEO in writing their own job description. Since they work in a variety of industries and possess diverse talents […]

Managing in the Maze

Have you found yourself bogged down in the weeds? Does your life’s progress seem like a wash, rinse, repeat cycle? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you are living life and managing your efforts in a maze. Here’s what maze managing means. Imagine a big, even giant maze. You know, like the […]

What’s So Valuable About Building Value?

value added

What does value mean to you? When you think about anything as being “valuable”, what does that mean? I once worked with a highly successful CEO who accused me of not creating value in my work because I was a banker. In this guy’s mind, I just pushed paper and ran numbers. He saw no […]

The 4 D’s of Dream Destruction

Are you on track toward creating the life you want in 2017? Or are the four D’s of Dream Destruction going to keep you stuck in place, spinning your wheels until you find yourself changing your calendar again, wondering why you’re no closer to your dreams in 2018 than you were in 2016? I am […]

Leadership Gift Giving

This is the time of year when many people think about gift giving. Whether you celebrate Christmas or simply year end, gift giving is factored into the equation. As I reflect on the phenomenon of giving gifts, I am struck with several key aspects of why one gives a gift. First and foremost, people give […]

Leadership 101: Consensus is Overrated

Abilene Paradox

There are leadership theories that place a premium on gaining consensus for decisions. Unfortunately, group consensus has a psychology of its own. Just because you as the leader have gained consensus, you may want to be careful what you ask for. You may remember Jerry Harvey’s Parable of the Abilene Paradox, (link is external) developed […]

Leadership: Finding Answers

When a team is looking for answers, they turn to their Leader. Leadership includes being the source for clarity and vision. As problems emerge, and they will, the Leader is the person in the hot seat to make decisions and offer guidance. Answers are not always easy. What do you think of when you look […]

Having Intentions Vs Living Intentionally: What’s the Difference?

There is a big difference between having intentions and living intentionally. Our intentions are our thoughts about what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Some think about it as choices. We are faced with dozens of choices every day — some little, some big; from whether to choose a salad or a chocolate sundae for […]