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Thank you for joining the next round of Headway Mastermind Groups. Your participation will be valuable both to your own growth as well as the power in gathering this group.

You have committed to attending a monthly roundtable where all members will participate. In addition, I will be providing one-on-one coaching for you each month, separate and apart from our group time.

Our work is done best in person with the next location to be determined. The one-on-one can be done virtually to help facilitate the scheduling.

We will do everything possible to schedule our monthly group meeting times to fit each member’s schedule. Your personal time each month will be a little more flexible, although we must adhere to a fairly fixed time for that too.

As Napolean Hill first observed and thousands of others since then have experienced, the mastermind is a tremendous way to grow as a person, a business professional, and a leader at home and in the community. You will be blessed.

Someone from my team will be in contact soon to arrange the details of your participation.

I look forward to meeting you soon. Go ahead and get going on writing down topics and questions you might want the group to bring. I’ll be starting with a preview of John Maxwell’s landmark book “The 15 Laws Invaluable of Growth”. This will be our roadmap for discussion as the year unfolds.

Thanks in advance for your participation and commitment to this group.

Doug T.