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Does Business Have You Chasing Your Tail?

Ever watch a cat or dog chase their tail? To be sure, it is quite humorous. The real question is when was the last time someone watched you chasing your… Read more »

10 Things I learned About Life and Business from a Single Mom

I was raised as the only child of a hard working single Mom. In my formative years, she taught me so much about life and business. Truthfully, I didn’t know… Read more »

The Emotionally Intelligent Candidate

While academics debate whether emotional intelligence (EI) can be taught, in the workplace, HR professionals are searching for ways to identify EI among candidates and strengthen it in employees. [shareable… Read more »

Confrontation – Turning the Tables

In my last blog, I spoke about confrontation from the viewpoint of the manager initiating the moment. Now it’s time to talk about a response or reaction from the viewpoint… Read more »

How to Get the Most Out of Confrontation

Here’s a scenario. A problem has been brewing for months. You wish it would go away, but it is quite apparent it will not. The stage is set for confrontation,… Read more »

It’s My Job….Really?

I love a good song ballad. Jimmy Buffett is one of the best story tellers in his songs. Oh sure, there are many pieces in his work that are just… Read more »

Networking for the Advancement Game

Advancement. It’s on everyone’s mind. Many of my coaching sessions include a discussion about this topic. Yet, while advancement is such a concern, I am stunned by the number of… Read more »

Do You Have a Side Hustle?

A new term has been coined that describes a very common activity among professionals and workers in all walks of life. The term is “side hustle”. The idea behind side… Read more »

10 Things You May Not Know About Procrastination

So here I am inside of 12 hours before press deadline. Normally, I am well ahead of these articles by now. You see, I really do feel an obligation to deliver… Read more »

Managers: 5 Key Questions About Grace

Here’s my last and final blog for 2015. The topic is not another push for goal setting. It will not be about the next great program or self-help eBook. This topic… Read more »