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Yesterday we talked about creating a Value Proposition. Today, let’s break that down a little more.

First we need to zero in on your core purpose; “here’s what I am about”. Can you explain that in about 3 to 10 seconds? This is not a “pitch”. This is a direct communication of who and what you are. Can a 10 year old child grab it and tell it to a friend? I met a life coach recently who had a neighbor’s child come up and ask if she still “did that thing to help people”? The child was interested because an extended family member was in need and could use some of that help. The kid got it. Plus, my life coach friend had developed the ability to explain her core purpose in a way so simple and direct that a child could retain it and use it. WOW, that’s communicating.

These statements of core purpose do not have to be filled with bold, brazen technical jargon. Instead they should be beautifully simple but specific statements of what makes you special. But we also need to watch out for generic brands like “I solve problems” or “I make IT better”. So? If I am a hiring manager I think to myself, “that’s what the last guy said”.

Tom Hanks was once quoted as saying his biggest lesson in acting came from Jackie Gleason who taught him simple is better. He did not need to over-act a scene. We all know how well that has worked for Hanks.

It can work here too. Focus on the core purpose you can serve, and then boil it down into a few key words. Try it on a 10 year old and see if it reads back properly. Simple is better.

Introducing the WHY.os. Learn YOUR why, how, and what that drives your passion and motivation.


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