New Day, New Week

Monday is off to a great start. No, really it is. This should be a big week in the community here.

Recently, I have been sharing ideas with a few very close colleagues. Of course there is the daily news about the markets, unemployment, recession/depression, etc. But it is interesting to me that among the circle of people that I know who can make a difference, the prevailing theme has to do with helping others with deeper meaning. Topics discussed have included “servant leadership”, personal responsibility, value creation, communication, and building trust.

Don’t you find it interesting that in very troubled times, there are those who begin to focus on the core values that we each, as fellow members of the human race, should embrace and center upon. Frankly, I agree.

With so many key decisions to be made about jobs and financial security, it is vitally important to center on the core values like taking personal responsibility for your own attitude, learning how to develop trust based relationships, and growing a circle of close alliances to help weather the storm.

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