Here’s to a New Wave of Business Managers and Leaders

To all of my long standing management colleagues with grey hair (or no hair, not by choice) who may be getting this post from one of my mail lists…. this post is NOT for you. Go get another cup of coffee, redeem the next 5 minutes another way. I’ll see you again another time.

No, this post is for a new group of leaders.


Which group? This group….. Aspiring new managers. Smart, younger leaders who have been put on the front line for the first time.

  • Are you under 35?
  • Are you starting out in your first management role?
  • Did the company come to you and ask YOU to be the leader of one of the work teams?
  • Have you figured out everything you need to know about that yet? (Hint: it can take a career).
  • Do you know someone who fits any of these boxes?

I am here to help. My name is Doug Thorpe. I’ve been a manager throughout my whole career. I’ve been a start-up guru too. Believe me, I’ve made my own share of leadership mistakes. But I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some really great business leaders too.

The funny thing is, I’ve seen some great role models in my day. NONE of them have made it to WSJ or Forbes or Fortune. Heck not even Fast Company…

Yet these people have run highly successful teams and made a big impact on my life and my views on leadership in the workplace.

I want to make these experiences available to you so you can start making a positive impact too.
All you need to do is join the discussion.

I’ve made it very easy for us to get connected.

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  1. Also, you can simply text NewManagerU to 44222.

I want to hear more about what YOU want to know to become a better, more successful manager.

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