Open Letter to First Time Entrepreneurs

This message is a slight departure from my usual advice on Leadership development. I want to tackle the elephant in the room. This message is for those of you, the true entrepreneurs, who are trying to start a new business or who have been floundering for a few months or years in a business you started.

Face it, there is a big move in our culture and economy for people wanting to own their own business. Your bright idea just may be the next Apple or Uber or Amazon. I hope it is. However….

The Ugly Truth

The practical truth is that too few start-ups make it past their third year. Even fewer make it past 5 years. The usual reasons are told time and time again; too few customers, not enough cash, poor product quality, or too confused by the Internet marketing requirements. The list of reasons can go on and on.

Every business owner I know believes they can make it to the elusive $1 million annual figure. Yet so few do.

Did you know that less than 3% of small business owners make more than $150 annually and some only make about $63,000 a year on average?  And less than 1/2 of 1% of business owners ever reach $1 million in total revenue! Do NOT be one of them! Learn More

The Answer

What if you had a system that gave you tools, resources, and support that allowed you to accomplish these goals? What if you got help targeting your ideal prospects and you learned how to understand what they want when they make their decision to purchase your products or services?  What if you learned how to create million dollar marketing messages that let you easily out-market your competition?

This is what has been missing.  Up until now, no one has been giving away “done-for-you” marketing and advertising examples that have already been proven and that are tested to actually give you results.  Up until now, no one has helped you establish a successful way of doing sales in integrity and with the authenticity that is fun and lucrative and adds value to prospects.

One of my mentors was an expert at woodworking. He built beautiful custom furniture and gorgeous cabinets. As his young apprentice, I worked in his shop, learning his secrets. Probably the most critical secret he shared was about using the right tools for the right job. When you need a chisel, don’t use a screw driver. When you need a hammer, don’t use a wrench. His logic said you will ruin the materials, damage the tool, or worse, hurt yourself.

As an entrepreneur, do you have the right tools to market your business and expand your lead generation?

I want to give you some professional help and guidance beyond what you have been receiving.  I actually know how to generate fast sales for your business and to deliver some fun; using these proven marketing tools with compelling offers that bring qualified leads right to you.

I created an entire program so you can learn about the way to get more leads, have more conversions without increasing your traffic, increase transactions, and I even share the closely guarded secret when it comes to setting your prices, and soon you will have more profits.

I care and you matter and I don’t want you to be one of these statistics.  Do NOT be one of them!

Introducing the WHY.os. Learn YOUR why, how, and what that drives your passion and motivation.


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