Open Letter to My Tribe

To All My Readers and Followers

You guys rock! I am both blessed and humbled to be here. As a new school year unfolds, (yes, even with adult kids, the year pivots on the start and end of school) I think about the many things going on around me, my family, and my business. Thoughts like these are usually reserved for the holidays. Yet I believe that to be a successful leader, you must be ever-mindful of all aspects of your surroundings.

For me, that includes being thankful. I wish I could say I offer a prayer of thanks every day. There I days I don’t, but most days I do. I find many, many things to be thankful about even when not everything is going as it should.

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Here is my list today.

  1. Good Health – As trite as some may think, I am thankful for good health; health that is good enough to allow me time at the gym and the ability to do almost anything I choose. The older you get the more you will realize the value of waking up and practically jumping out of bed. Without it, I can’t contribute to the day, I’d only be a taker.
  2. My Bride – I love my wife. I mean really love her. She loves me. She shows it in so many ways; starting with accepting my quirky view of the world and all of its meaning. She gives me the space I need to create, share, and develop these messages to you.
  3. My Kids – Well, shouldn’t call them that anymore. They are all grown adults, functioning quite nicely thank you. They have families and friends and their own communities they dedicate their lives to serve. And they have their own kids (well not all are there yet). We love our grand kids.
  4. My Work – People can’t keep up with what I do. That doesn’t bother me. I was born the son of a gypsy spirit, so my interests are wide. All of the projects and purposes fill my soul with joy. Some make money, some do not. Again, as you grow older the pursuit of $$$ is less important.
  5. My Book – The first full attempt at publishing, released in July, is taking off. I am very thankful for that. I’m not a celebrity by any means. The [easyazon_link keywords=””doug thorpe”+commodity” locale=”US” tag=”thredoth-20″]book distribution[/easyazon_link] has been through word of mouth and some honest hard work. Seeing month end sales for August this morning stunned me in a great way. Yes, I am blessed. I am thankful the message in the book seems to resonate with the market.
  6. My Church Family – Most of you know I follow a deep abiding faith in God and Jesus. Celebrating that with my local church is something to be very thankful for. I never judge anyone for their faith because I know spirituality is a deep and personal thing. I am happy to be a guide should someone ask. We are all together on this journey called life. Everyone is either ahead of someone or behind others on the path.

I’m going to stop there. That’s enough to ponder for the day.

If you have a tribe to lead or even just influence today (at home, at work, at church, at play), be thankful for the opportunity to be that person. Find ways to lift up your attitude of gratitude before you speak or opine. It’ll make a better day.

Blessings to You and Yours,

Doug T.

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