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Simplifying Private Equity and Venture Capital Leadership

Are you having difficulty finding the right people for the right seats in startups? We have you covered with dedicated tools to create management teams built for purpose supporting investment firms.

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Services that Deliver Results in the Investment Community

Does your firm need to screen potential leadership teams? Rely on Doug Thorpe to dive into what you are looking to accomplish and help craft a team.

Tap into Doug’s experience coaching, developing, and building leadership teams to cover the basics of an effective leadership:

  • Create comprehensive job descriptions.
  • Utilize personality assessment using the Hogan Suite of surveys and profile measuring tools.
  • Perform leadership style review using Doug’s background in Executive Coaching.
  • Conduct interviews to vet C-Suite candidates.
  • Implement background checks.

Learn more about Doug Thorpe as an Executive Coach and Business Advisor.

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