Leadership Gift Giving

This is the time of year when many people think about gift giving. Whether you celebrate Christmas or simply year end, gift giving is factored into the equation. As I reflect on the phenomenon of giving gifts, I am struck with several key aspects of why one gives a gift. […]

Abilene Paradox

Leadership 101: Consensus is Overrated

There are leadership theories that place a premium on gaining consensus for decisions. Unfortunately, group consensus has a psychology of its own. Just because you as the leader have gained consensus, you may want to be careful what you ask for. You may remember Jerry Harvey’s Parable of the Abilene […]

Leadership: Finding Answers

When a team is looking for answers, they turn to their Leader. Leadership includes being the source for clarity and vision. As problems emerge, and they will, the Leader is the person in the hot seat to make decisions and offer guidance. Answers are not always easy. What do you […]

Having Intentions Vs Living Intentionally: What’s the Difference?

There is a big difference between having intentions and living intentionally. Our intentions are our thoughts about what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Some think about it as choices. We are faced with dozens of choices every day — some little, some big; from whether to choose a salad […]

Leadership, purpose

What Is “Slowly, Rarely or Never”?

That’s the answer to the question “how do people change?” There are plenty of situations in our lives and in the world around us when people want to talk about change. Whether it has to do with a red state/blue state matter, an economic trend, a market condition, or the […]

Cubs win

What the Cubs’ World Series Teaches About Life and Business

If you are a sports fan, there likely hasn’t been a series finale as exciting as this year’s baseball World Series. Any sport that has a best of seven game series to decide the champion can create memorable moments. Add to it, this year’s excitement of two franchises who have decades […]

Finding Good Fit

Companies spend a lot of time and money trying to identify “good fit” during their hiring process. Candidate selection is driven by the magical, mystical notion of making a good fit decision. Clearly the first step usually involves matching job description requirements with the candidate’s stated background experience. Right away, […]

Leadership and Foundation Repairs

Not long ago, my neighbor had to have some foundation repairs done at his house. I live in an area of the Texas Gulf Coast where there is long term terrain subsidence. Foundations can shift and begin to crack without intervention. If you are not familiar with repairing a foundation, […]

Managers – What Will You Be on Halloween?

This evening is Halloween; celebrated in many different ways. Of the many best loved traditions in America, the donning of costumes is at the top of the list. Many, many years ago, in times past, adults began dressing in elaborate costumes for Halloween parties, also known as Masquerade parties, long […]

Are You Leading on Purpose?

Managers, leaders, and business owners come to work everyday with a wide variety of mindsets. Sometimes the focus is on the next big problem or maybe it is about the next big deal. Priorities vary day-to-day. Regardless of the topic du jour, there should always be a tie to your purpose. […]