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What Is “Slowly, Rarely or Never”?

That’s the answer to the question “how do people change?” There are plenty of situations in our lives and in the world around us when people want to talk about… Read more »

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What the Cubs’ World Series Teaches About Life and Business

If you are a sports fan, there likely hasn’t been a series finale as exciting as this year’s baseball World Series. Any sport that has a best of seven game series… Read more »

Finding Good Fit

Companies spend a lot of time and money trying to identify “good fit” during their hiring process. Candidate selection is driven by the magical, mystical notion of making a good… Read more »

Leadership and Foundation Repairs

Not long ago, my neighbor had to have some foundation repairs done at his house. I live in an area of the Texas Gulf Coast where there is long term… Read more »

Managers – What Will You Be on Halloween?

This evening is Halloween; celebrated in many different ways. Of the many best loved traditions in America, the donning of costumes is at the top of the list. Many, many… Read more »

Are You Leading on Purpose?

Managers, leaders, and business owners come to work everyday with a wide variety of mindsets. Sometimes the focus is on the next big problem or maybe it is about the next… Read more »

Leadership Bullet: Don’t Water the Weeds

If you are trying to grow a garden, weeds are bad, right? When you are in leadership and someone talks about “the Weeds”, you either think about your bad employees… Read more »

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Managing Performance: Inspect What You Expect

Here’s a little story to start today’s discussion. A man was the first to arrive at work one morning. The phone rang and he answered. When the caller asked for… Read more »