Big Event

Personal Growth: Making It Stick

We’ve all been there before; a seminar, a speaker, or a program. WOW what a message! I believe that. I want to do that. That’s it! I’m going to use this to make some big changes and do big things.

Big Event
Big Event

Then we go home and life resumes. We let ‘normal’ get in the way. Old habits and old routines return. No change.

If you want to take your life or your work to a new level, you have to make some changes. Yes, we all hate change, right? Get over it.

The great Mark Twain quipped:

[shareable cite=”Mark Twain”]True education comes when we unlearn things.[/shareable]

To unlearn things, you do need those outside influences; carefully selected opportunities for growth. In adult life, it is not always easy to find the right opportunities.

No, that’s not true. See I tricked you there. Opportunities are EVERYWHERE. You’re just not tuned in right. Old patterns of thinking is what puts us on a track for sameness, no change. Change starts with changing your thinking.

Making It Stick

In order to make lasting change happen, we need to stay close to the fire. Whatever that influence was that inspired you to make some changes, you need to stay close to that fire. Program, book, person,  whatever. Stay with it. Repeat it. Dig deeper.

Use the initial inspiration of the idea to take another step. Then another. Then another.

Find same-as ideas to expand the thinking. Authors who write about leadership growth often cite their sources. Explore those references too. Expand your library. Remember, changing your thinking drives change. Let’s face it. When you find truly great motivators, teachers, and mentors, it is very likely they “grew up” their capacity by following other people first.

Every great leader I have ever known is quick to acknowledge an influence by some other great person who took the time to teach and mentor; significant influence.


If you want to find your next idea for growth, ask people around you the right questions. How did they learn? Who was their inspiration? Who mentored them?

From this you will see the pattern emerge; sources of great information to excite your growth.

If you are looking for ways to achieve personal and professional growth, call me to arrange a free consultation.

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