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Like every organism I know about, things change. This blog is changing.

In addition to my regular posts on Mondays and Wednesdays that center on coaching for new managers, I am adding some new features. The Tuesday/Thursday slots will be used for guest authors and presenting new, more product and program oriented offerings.

The change that is happening here is about making my blog effort more commercially viable.

Recently I sent out a post about how I run the blog; the tools, software, and services I use to make it happen. I like some of these tools so much that I signed on as an affiliate. This means I get small commissions of you use one of my links and purchase a service. Frankly, I’d recommend these tools even if I didn’t get those commissions.

That is just a small example. Please allow me to share some logic here.

I am a business coach and consultant. I help business leaders do things better. This normally leads to increased performance and financial gain.

To get there, we have to implement new ideas and practices. Why wouldn’t I do that in my own business? My company must use some of the same best practices I teach and share or wouldn’t I be a hypocrite? If not a hypocrite, I’d be a pretty foolish business man.

If I am helping you or your colleagues be more profitable, but cannot do the same for my company, well…. we usually know how that ends.

Many of my contacts know me from a non-profit world, where, yes, we gave away services and information. The programs were underwritten by generous contributors.

My blog and my work with HeadwayExec are commercial enterprises. We provide good and valuable services to our clients.EXEC-retention

The point in writing this is to make it understood that if you are concerned about the evolution of my blog at DougThorpe.com becoming too commercialized, then just hang around for the Monday and Wednesday posts. Make a note to ignore the other days. I hope you won’t do that, but I appreciate the fact some might.

More importantly, if you are looking for business breakthroughs, stay tuned for the opportunities coming soon.


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