Finding Time as a Small Business Owner: The Top Challenges and Solutions

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Or 5 Reasons You Suck at Owning a Business (OK too strong) Small business owners are known for their tireless work ethic, constantly putting in long hours and sacrificing their personal time for the sake of their businesses. While working hard is necessary for success, it is also crucial for business owners to find a […]

7 Vital Tactics for Managers to Have Constructive Difficult Discussions

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As a manager or a CEO, it is only normal to have that occasional conversation that seems to linger in your mind for days or even weeks. Difficult conversations are hardly soothing, but they can be remarkably productive if handled correctly. Crucial conversations are inevitable in every organizational structure, but with proper preparation, the outcome […]

Sunday Sun: Stop Putting Your Hand on the Stove

Avoid These 7 Common Mistakes Business Owners Make Repeatedly When I was a child, I was curious, always have been. There were times the curiosity got the best of me. Like when Mom kept saying don’t touch the hot stove. All I thought about was the mystery of what would happen. I didn’t know what […]

The Top 7 Things That Business Owners Worry About Today

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Owning a business comes with a lot of responsibilities. Business owners have to juggle numerous tasks such as keeping their employees happy, meeting sales goals, and increasing profits, all while managing their personal lives. While these tasks are essential, they’re also some of the top reasons why business owners worry. As I started researching this […]

Why You Should Consider a Peer to Peer Advisory Group for Personal Growth

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Personal growth is an essential aspect of our lives. We all want to be the best versions of ourselves, achieve our goals and lead a fulfilling life. But sometimes, it’s easy to feel lost, overwhelmed or unsure of where to turn for guidance or support. This is where a peer to peer advisory group can […]

The 5 Key Characteristics of a Successful Servant Leader

Leadership is a crucial element in any organization, but have you heard of the concept of servant leadership? This approach to leadership is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. A servant leader is one who puts the needs of their team members first, prioritizing their growth and development as opposed to their own success. […]

Is Your Brand Message Doing What It Needs to Be Doing?

Your brand message is the core of your business and it’s essential to ensure that it is doing exactly what it needs to be doing. In today’s world of advertising, having a strong brand message is crucial for your business to thrive and stand apart from the competition. Assessing your brand is an essential step […]

How We Work – Perfect vs Imperfect

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There is a struggle in modern business. As people show up for work, there is a tension between forces that imply we should somehow be perfect in what we achieve, yet we know in our hearts and minds we are imperfect in many ways.

What Being a Human-Centric Leader Really Means

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In the world of business, being a leader is all about making sound business decisions and achieving success for the company, right? While this may be true to some extent, the most successful leaders today are those who put their employees first. This means creating a work culture that revolves around the needs of the […]