Where and What Holds Your Faith

Faith is a delicate subject these days. There is so much debate being derived from the religious extremists’ assertions of faith.

I want to dial it down a bit. I want to get more basic. I want to talk with you about faith as an essential element of effective leadership.

Courtesy 123rf.com
Courtesy 123rf.com

Here is my argument.

We all exercise faith every day. We have faith that the chair we are about to sit upon will hold. We have faith our car will start. We have faith the air conditioning will work. We have faith the lights will turn on when we flip the switch.

If we work for a larger company, we have faith the paychecks will not bounce each payday. Faith tells us we can do certain things without fear of failure; crossing at the light, taking a bath in clean water, finding food at our grocery stores, etc.

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Is One the Loneliest Number?

Launching a new business idea can be tough. So can being given a new leadership role as a supervisor or manager for the first time.

Sole Responsibility
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If you are new to either of these situations, the sense of loneliness sneaks up quickly. For the aspiring entrepreneur you suddenly no longer have the comfort of your peers to surround you. For the new manager/supervisor, the old gang at work may not want to be your friend anymore.

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Job Loss is Tough

Recently speaking to my group at JMS, we were visiting the idea of trying to stay focused and positive while dealing with career transition. In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald (he should know given his life struggles) –“Vitality shows not only in the ability to persist, but in the ability to start over.”

Sometime we just may have to start over. Things don’t go as planned; life happens. The best plans just don’t work out (I had an entire industry collapse around my ears, while holding the bag on a small privately held enterprise). So the cards dictate a new start; not a “do over”. Lord knows I would never do over what I did before.

No, it’s important to learn something from the life lesson and focus on a new beginning. Set a new course. Many great leaders have done nothing more but stay confident, stay bold, stay dedicated to the core values you believe.