Sharpening the Saw

I like Steven Covey’s 7th habit, sharpening the saw. At first I had trouble getting the word picture, but that was long ago. Since then I have become a voracious reader. I find this expands the mind and keeps the age-creep from setting in. Anyway, some of my most recent main courses have been Jeffrey Gitomer’s”Little Black Book” (about connecting your network) and Keith Ferrazzi’s “Never Eat Alone”.

The reason these are in the spotlight for me is that I have been talking to my JMS group about their efforts to better connect with the people who can influence their job search success. I found it very interesting that Ferrazzi actually stated he never goes to a dedicated “networking” event. Why?  Because these events get filled with job seekers and people of no influence. Can someone say “DUH?”

So, where does that leave us? Well, the common thread between these two writers suggests we need to focus on target contacting versus large group.

More on that soon.

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