What If You Could Create A Whole New Business

Generate An Extra Income Stream To Your Own Bank Account Every Single Month?

This would mean extra income to help you pay off debt, travel,
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No matter if you already have the beginnings of a “side hustle”
business in place, have an idea for one, or simply want to
create a new one…then this message is for you


“What In The World IS a ‘Side Hustle’ Anyway?”

It’s simple: A “Side Hustle” is a new term that describes a way to generate extra income on the side while you still work a full-time job. The idea behind a side hustle is that you hold on to your normal day job to pay the bills, while on the “side” you work on something else to generate not only extra income, but your own dream situation.

Urban Dictionary Definition of Side Hustle:
“A side job that brings in cash; something other than your main job. Maybe playing weekend gigs or life coaching.”

So is a “side hustle” just adding on a second part time job? Not exactly. When you side hustle, you become the boss. You are the hustler. You run the show. This way you get to work at something that you both love AND also something that brings in extra cash every month.

Amy Tobin has dedicated a lot of time and research into the future of work in the USA. She’s spent countless hours doing qualitative research focused on Millennials. And what’s been found is that there’s a new wave or push for entrepreneurship…

  • 27% of GenY is now self-employed, and a Pew Research study has shown that ‘many to most’ Millennials stated a desire to start their own business.
  • GenX is also becoming highly entrepreneurial both online and offline, and doing this out of pure necessity.

10030756_s“How Hard Is It To Get Started With Your Own ‘Side Hustle’?”

Considering all the avenues and ways to generate extra income available to you, it’s not as hard as you might think (or so it seems!). Simply nailing down WHAT it is you want to do on the side to earn extra income is only the first step. If you’re still stuck trying to find something that will be a fit for you, here are several sites to get the brain juices flowing (and open the doors of possibility!) to get you started…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of possibilities. If you hop on Google, and enter in the search term: “side hustle”, you’ll discover 3.4 million references right at your fingertips. When you see the wide range of options and choices, it can be downright overwhelming.

Then there’s the harsh reality about actually STARTING your own side hustle once you have an idea of what you might want to do, including things like…

  • Setting everything up, including websites, shopping carts, physical locations, taking payments, doing the accounting, etc.
  • Understanding the legal issues that might be involved and being sure that you’re protected and doing things correctly.
  • Knowing how to hire the best manufactures or suppliers for what you want to sell, and even build affiliate relationships to further boost your “side hustle” income.

“Here’s The REAL TRUTH About Being Successful
In Your Own ‘Side Hustle’ Business…”


As glamorous as having a side hustle that earns you extra cash each month may seem, it’s not for everyone. It takes work, and much more. Here are some cold hard facts that you may want to consider before you make the leap yourself…


Anyone and everyone who has succeeded with any type of startup will tell you one thing…it takes a lot of hard work. There are no shortcuts to success. If it were that easy, everyone would be millionaires. The only golden ticket to riches might be winning the lottery or even attaining a hefty inheritance.


It takes a certain type of mentality and personality to take risks, and do something new (and sometimes very scary!) There will be people that will think you’re wasting your time, or that you’ll fail. This can even include close friends and family. Taking this leap and working hard is not for the faint of heart, it takes the right person to learn how to “fail forward” until things start to work.


Ask anyone who’s been super successful and you’ll see that his or her success was years in the making. For many of these successful people, they had MULTIPLE failures before they ever hit success. Success takes hard work, mixed with that “never give up” hunger to keep pushing forward no matter what obstacles come your way.


Do you know what one of the biggest factors that plays into the success of a side hustle? Time management between your own work and your personal life. When you consider that you have to work a full time job to pay the bills, this leaves you very little personal or family time as it is. Then when you mix in the idea of adding a side hustle, things can get complicated really quick. Balance is key.


“If you think about all the biggest companies in the world like Apple or Hewlett Packard,
they all began as a side hustle business. Some were created out of garages. Others began out of the trunk of their own car. The key is starting small…one step at a time.”


“Are You Ready To Get Your Own Side Hustle Off The Ground…
But Need A Little Personal Help Along The Way?”

DougT-round250I want to help you. If you want to maximize your own success, the trick is getting on the right path right out of the gate, and I can help you do that. Doing everything on your own can not only be difficult and frustrating, but it can quickly make you realize that you have no “road map” to follow. With my experience and expertise, I’ll help you right away.

  • I’ve been a banker, working with hundreds of business owners in all types of markets.
  • I’ve been an entrepreneur; starting 5 different businesses and even a non-profit.
  • I’ve coached clients all across the world, and across different industries with great success
  • I’ve worked with clients with all types of skill sets and backgrounds.

Here’s what some others have said.

Doug presents a unique blend of professional competence and servant leadership. He gathers talented people who share his values for excellence in the workplace. When the day is done and most have gone home Doug continues making the pieces fit into splendid results. He is a courageous person while making strategic decisions that affect successful results. It has been a privilege to serve together.

Gary Clark, Chaplain at Texas Children’s Hospital

I am so impressed by Doug Thorpe and the valuable service he is providing. Watching him work, it is immediately clear that his broad array of business and interpersonal skills have come together beautifully to create an excellent product for those he serves. Doug is enterprising, insightful, caring, easy to trust, easy to respect, and especially easy to like! If you are looking for a coach to help you navigate the difficult waters of team leadership, Doug is definitely the person you should call!

Wes Avants, Executive Director, Physician Leadership Institute

During the time I have known and worked with Doug, I have been impressed by the level of commitment and care Doug has toward those in need of his coaching and mentoring not only in career counseling but also in self improvement. Doug is a versatile business leader and coach. He brings his rich experience and vast network of contacts to help those in need of counseling and leadership. His work shows his dedication to improving the life of others and providing the counseling to those in need of direction and skills in finding their next career opportunity.

Mehrdad Ghofraniha, PMP, Engineering Manager at Albemarle

Doug is a wonderful inspiration to everyone who comes in contact with him. Doug is a wealth of business knowledge and willingly shares this knowledge with everyone. Doug initiated his community outreach and has grown this organization tremendously. He has helped many people in the process. I highly recommend Doug for he is a tremendous business partner.

Leah Hughes, Financial Planner/Operations Manager at Andrews Financial Services


Side Hustle: Want some help getting it going?

Let’s get your own side hustle business off the ground and profiting as soon as possible; no matter if you already have something started, you’re only in the “idea” stage, or if you have no idea at all. I know either myself or one of my business experts at HeadwayExec can personally help you.

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This is your rare opportunity to take with a real expert who has “been there, done that” and knows what it takes to be successful. I LOVE to help people just like you. In fact, I’ve dedicated my life to it. It’s people like you that are going to ensure our country continues on the path to success and prosperity.

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