“Sun Spots” in Today’s Hiring Market

Lots of buzz asking the question “is the recession over?” If we focus just on area hiring trends, I would say the answer to that question is “I am not sure”. What I am seeing is something I choose to call “sun spots’ of hiring activity. That means there are flares of activity here and there with no particular pattern or consistency. At JMS we have seen a steady stream of success stories with people landing I new jobs. However, there is no trend to indicate this market or that industry solidly returning to form.

The conclusion for now is that any job seeker should stay busy trying to work a personal plan for landing their next job. If you do not have a plan, get one. If you wrote a plan and it is not working, get some help making changes to the plan. “Doing the same thing expecting different results is what? Insanity.” If you need help with any of this, join us at aslkJMS.org

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CYB PLaybook diagram

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