Summertime Blues?

Is there a cure for the Summertime blues? An old pop song once claimed there was NOT. Ah, but these times they are a changing…. (Dylan I believe). Gas reached an all time high of $4.11 per gallon, national average. Depending on the press you read, we are seeing prices climb for building materials, consumer goods, loaves of bread, and even movie tickets (I understand Hancock kicked you know what at the box office this weekend). Is there no end in sight?

Well, as naive as it may sound…what can you do about it? Yes, we can get out to work for and vote for the party and the candidate(s) we think can influence things. And that is a good start. But what about making our own individual contributions by way of good old fashioned hard work. Yes, I mean get up each day, get to work on time, clock a full day’s work, then go home and do it all over again. I am writing this at 7:00 p.m. Sunday night. That is my personal time, at least on the clock I live by for the moment. What I mean is, I am not doing this on company time or while a client’s meter is running. I am burning my own time to lay this down. Tomorrow, when I resume my daily chores I will be focusing time and energy with my clients. No web surfing, no junk email day dreaming, etc. No texting. Wow, you must be reeaallllyyy old Dude. No Dude, not reeaalllly. Just practical. Think about it.

Have a great week. Do something new and wild this week. 



July 4th

OK today IS the day. July 4th, 2008. Great day of celebration, family, food, fireworks, and fun.  Most of my gang was here today including new in-laws who joined our family by virtue of a beautiful wedding held May 31. One of our sons married a sweet and wonderful soul mate of a bride. This was our first 4th as the new clan. Great times.

As the kids have grown (I have 5), they of course have conflicting events they must block on their calenders. My wife and I get that. So we miss them, but do not brood over it. Quite the contrary. We celebrate with them their newly expanding lives. We actually enjoy our empty nest a bit too much perhaps some would say. But it works for us.

Today though was a great day of super food, fine fellowship, and all around fun.

Independence Eve – Is That A Holiday too?

Tomorrow is July 4th, US Independence Day. Most (not all) US citizens know and understand the meaning of July 4th. Children get excited about fireworks, parades, picnics, ice cream, watermelons, soda, and funny characters dressed up in garb of red, white and blue. But have you ever thought about what our forefathers may have been thinking on July 3rd, Independence Eve? They knew what they were contemplating the next day. Meetings had been held and discussions leading into sometimes violent debates ensued. But when July 3rd came around, most of that was now behind them. It was time for the pregnant anticipation of the birth of a new nation.

I just wonder what those guys were thinking the night before signing day. Did many of them sleep? Or had they started their celebrations. I am sure some historians somewhere have the answers to my questions. I mean these questions to be more rhetorical than not. Does the average American today think much at all about the things our founding Fathers thought. I fear not. The gene pool of pure American spirit has been too diluted with generations of idealism that has become compounded by so much independence that hardly anyone agrees in the concept of the common good. It’s all about “me”.

Ok, where did this missive go off course? Back to the point… I am just curious why we don’t have July 4th Eve like we have Christmas Eve. Heck, at Christmas time, lots of families do more on the eve than they do the day of Christmas. Why don’t some of us do that for July 4th too? Surely something was going on in the hearts and minds of the guys who gave us July 4.