Personal Networking

Last thought for today (after day-long conference venue)…. let’s try turning all new contacts into personal networking moments.

  • Strive to add value
  • Build high trust in the relationship
  • Reciprocate
  • Guard your credibility with established contacts
  • ALWAYS look for new opportunities in each dialogue, contact, and meeting
  • Give, give, give

Blast the Box

Ok, nowadays ‘thinking outside the box’ is cliche. We’ve heard it so much we have either forgotten the idea or written it off. The problem is that psychologists tell us we all have these personal paradigms that drive our reation and interaction with culture and society. The older we get, the more “Set in our ways” we become. This is the perfect example of operating from within a very narrow box.

I recently challenged my group of job seekers to begin the discipline of thinking truly outside your box. Here’s what we mean.

As you meet a new person, strive to understand their “box” first. Forget your bad ideas and limited scope. Hear them genuinely and seek first to understand (ala Steven Covey). You just cannot build a high trust relationship without it. This fits for hiring managers, sales leads, new friends, and other personal relationships.

Give yourself a test. Try this for just one full week. See the amazing things that can happen. Post back here and let me know what you find.

First 100 Days

We’re on the eve of Mr. Obama’s first 100 days in office. Obviously, many things have transpired. Some great, some just Ok, other things leaving something to be desired. Gee….sounds sort of like DC as usual. We’re we really expecting more?

Don’t get me wrong; I am still a fan because he IS our President. I am totally behind the Office and I still have respect for the man, his family, and his approach to the duties. No, I never once thought he alone could fix it all. No one ever has apart from maybe Lincoln. His problems were a little steeper too.

But it does make me think of our own need to establish 100 day plans when things in our own life change. Take a new job for instance. Every new employee should establish a 100 day plan to engage their new employer and the new company team. Without it, you are certain to fail (or at least subject yourself to early elimination). With it, you increase your odds of success tremendously.

Make a plan. Work the plan. You are hired on skills and fired on behavior.

New Day, New Week

Monday is off to a great start. No, really it is. This should be a big week in the community here.

Recently, I have been sharing ideas with a few very close colleagues. Of course there is the daily news about the markets, unemployment, recession/depression, etc. But it is interesting to me that among the circle of people that I know who can make a difference, the prevailing theme has to do with helping others with deeper meaning. Topics discussed have included “servant leadership”, personal responsibility, value creation, communication, and building trust.

Don’t you find it interesting that in very troubled times, there are those who begin to focus on the core values that we each, as fellow members of the human race, should embrace and center upon. Frankly, I agree.

With so many key decisions to be made about jobs and financial security, it is vitally important to center on the core values like taking personal responsibility for your own attitude, learning how to develop trust based relationships, and growing a circle of close alliances to help weather the storm.

Know Who You Are

Today at JMS we had a great round of discussions. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Shrug off the “negatives”  People in job transition need to find ways to shrug off the “negatives” like “bad day, tough interview, feeling stress, etc.” You can do this by coming to your group networking events with a conscious decision to project a positive attitude. In other words, don’t bring other people down too. Decide that you can be the one to bring a happy face, a smile, and a good word.

2. YOU are NOT your JOB. In today’s culture, too many people find an identity in what they do or the title they carry. Lose that and you lose it all. Why? Because that’s what we learn at an early age. The best thing you can do for yourself is spend some time finding your center and reminding yourself who you really are.

3. Anyone read Ecclesiastes lately?Old book with a great message. King Solomon wrote his autobiography here only to clearly claim that for all the searching and yearning (money, wisdom, sex, drugs, and rock and roll – yes that’s basically what he claims), none of it answered his big questions. “Who am I? Why am I here? and Where am I going?” Rather he came to the overwhelming conclusion that the key to life is knowing God and doing His will. Plain and simple. Job seekers (and all of us) need to connect to that idea.

Supply Chain to the Heavenlies

In John Chapter 1, the last verse is Jesus’ words saying “surely you will see Heaven open up and you will see Angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man”.

Now that is a supply chain like no one has ever seen before. This host of Angels at constant work coming and going doing God’s work in Jesus’  life. We can have access to that chain too if we just watch and pray and accept the outcome. These busy heavenly bodies moving to and fro making the things of God available and powerful for our own life.  Think about it! WOW!

May this be your blessing today.

Jobs Ministry Southwest

Yesterday, 2/3, JMS had a record day. We saw 24 new visitors. The senior manager “SEGUE” was a powerful session and our speaker, Gary Selman, brought a powerful message about living life God’s way.

From the responses that Jorge and I received, I truly believe God is making an impact in the hearts and minds of people who may otherwise be fearful of these times. Job security is no more. Financial security is no more. Clearly there is a need to search for deeper meaning and purpose above and beyond the perqs and spiffs of corporate reward and growing a bank account.

At JMS, we are encouraging people to reassess their effort towards building VALUE. Value in their personal life, value in their family life, value in their community life. America has lost its ability as a country to demonstrate true value. Cars, houses, boats, clothes, HDTVs, and the latest i-phone do not represent core VALUE. These are the bling that mean very little and the things that surely “moth and thief can destroy”.

Join me in praying for a spirit of renewal that centers on the ability to create value in our lives. God’s Word is clear that we were all uniquely and wonderfully made. God started with Value. Let’s take that promise and be faithful stewards of the charge.

Countdown to History

Ok -I admit it. I am excited about the President elect. Without going into a whole lot of pror rhetoric, I was a pre-election contrarian. I am man enough to admit it. And, I am man enoiugh to admit my pleasant surprise as I have watched Mr. Obama manuever his way thru the pre-inauguration maze. I like what I see. Or maybe I am merely one of those millions of Americans Mr. Bush keeps referring to as ones with “resolve”.  Face it, not only do we have just “one President” [sic -at a time], but we have one country.

More importantly, we have one God. He is who will prevail. If He is for us, who can be against us? I like that. Thus my quiet expectation for the new administration.  And no, I don’t believe we have nowhere to go but up. We are AMERICANS by golly. Let’s reclaim the pride, energy, and motivation that has served us so well for two centuries.

Jobs Ministry Southwest

Today, Mr. Gary Selman, MA, spoke at JMS. Through his presentation, he challenged us to consider searching for God’s perfect will while undergoing a job transition. This includes living your passion and going boldly.

In today’s uncertain economy, there is one school of thought that might say this approach is foolishness. But, as Gary explained, anyone who professes a faith in God must take a serious look at ALL of the promises He makes us in the Bible.

It is my prayer that anyone who is struggling with a job change, look first to God. Believe in His promises, know His love, hold on to His hope. Most of all, try to genuinely experience God. Don’t just rely on something you think you know about Him, but truly experience Him.

The Day After the Day Before

Yesterday was staged to be a historic moment for the U.S. Regardless of the outcome, election day 2008, America would select a leadership team that represented significant change. As it has turned out, Barack Obama has been elected the first African American President.

Regardless of your personal persuasion, now is the time to put aside the political differences and return to a unified America. Time and time again, the people of America have demonstrated a resolve to face our challenges, both foreign and domestic. We find solutions, we decide a course, and we move forward.

It is my hope that we the people, can once again rekindle our collective spirit to overcome the financial, security, and cultural challenges that face the United States. May we return to an all-inclusive faith in a Holy God, that is a supreme being, the creator of the universe, the One who ordains our leaders, and the One who is in ultimate control regardless of the person sitting in the White House.