I Can Control Gas Prices !!!

Ok, not really. I just think it’s odd that no sooner than I started my blog with a mention of record high gas prices, PRICES STARTED TO DROP. Yippeee. I’ll keep going if you all don’t mind. $9 per barrel drop in 10 days. Pretty sweet. BTW did you know […]

Summertime Blues?

Is there a cure for the Summertime blues? An old pop song once claimed there was NOT. Ah, but these times they are a changing…. (Dylan I believe). Gas reached an all time high of $4.11 per gallon, national average. Depending on the press you read, we are seeing prices […]

July 4th

OK today IS the day. July 4th, 2008. Great day of celebration, family, food, fireworks, and fun.  Most of my gang was here today including new in-laws who joined our family by virtue of a beautiful wedding held May 31. One of our sons married a sweet and wonderful soul […]

Independence Eve – Is That A Holiday too?

Tomorrow is July 4th, US Independence Day. Most (not all) US citizens know and understand the meaning of July 4th. Children get excited about fireworks, parades, picnics, ice cream, watermelons, soda, and funny characters dressed up in garb of red, white and blue. But have you ever thought about what our […]