Q&A for Your Next Boss

I will be interviewing with and ultimately reporting to the CEO. I have one question that I need to ask someone, but I am not sure who. — What is the CEO’s management style?

Procedures? We Don’t Need No Stinking Procedures

At my company, we see as many as 92% of our job applicants failing to follow the prescribed job posting procedures. We count that as immediate elimination.

Can’t Remember the Punch Line?

First, this thing I am calling your story is different from the traditional “elevator pitch”. Basically, I hate those.

Are You a Cool Breeze or a Fog Machine?

Workplace conduct always has its ups and downs. Personalities of all shapes and sizes interact, presumably to accomplish some common goal. Yet as each new day unfolds, there are extreme ends of the spectrum that are worthy of our consideration. First the Cool Breeze…these are the people who find the […]

Are You Ready to Be an “Emerging Worker”?

“Emerging Workers” That is the term I use for workers “of age” who were between jobs and now are taking contract/consulting opportunities. While many companies today are adding these contract workers to their ranks to augment projects and/or staff specific short term needs, it is rare to see a situation with a whole team of these “employees”, guided by only a few permanent staff members.

Change Management: Aura+Attitude+Angle

Let’s consider the proactive response in terms of job seekers needing new ways to accomplish greater things. Rather than suffer the impact of interview rejects or having no call-backs, persons between jobs need to consider the cause and effect of behaviors and attitudes they bring to the hiring process.

Is Conan O’Brien the New Permanent Temporary Worker?

NBC’s decision to juggle its late-night schedule has caused quite a stir. Regardless of which star’s side you might take, one thing is clear. Employment, even for major network superstars, is temporary at best. Conan’s gig only lasted 7 months.

Job Search Rollercoasters

People between jobs face a daily rollercoaster of emotion, energy, and challenge. So how do you find balance in the ups and downs? Here are a few tips.