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Leaders: Get Out of Your Own Box

Nowadays ‘thinking outside the box’ is cliché. We’ve heard it so much we have either forgotten what the idea was really about or written it off. The problem is that… Read more »

Leadership: Are You Inbound or Outbound?

In the fast paced world of Internet marketing, there are two distinctly different approaches. There is inbound and outbound. Management and leadership has these same two dimensions. Outbound marketing is… Read more »

Leadership: Too Big to Do Right?

As a business writer it is just waaaayyy too easy to take a swipe at United Airlines right now. I’ll let the other writers do more of that. The situation we… Read more »

Life Margin - Changing Lives

The Margins in Life

Do you think about margins in life like a business thinks about profit margins? For business, the different between its total/gross revenue (income) and its expenses is its margin. Without… Read more »

Leadership attraction

Attraction: A Leadership Yardstick

If you think of yourself as a leader, the first test is who are you attracting? Leaders attract followers. A real leader has a following. People are wired to follow something… Read more »

Leadership Gift Giving

This is the time of year when many people think about gift giving. Whether you celebrate Christmas or simply year end, gift giving is factored into the equation. As I… Read more »

Leaders – Do You Still Fear Rejection?

Rejection – Does hearing the word strike fear? Do you fight the thought of rejection when you launch new ideas or need to ask your Board or your CEO for… Read more »

Abilene Paradox

Leadership 101: Consensus is Overrated

There are leadership theories that place a premium on gaining consensus for decisions. Unfortunately, group consensus has a psychology of its own. Just because you as the leader have gained… Read more »

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I Hate Millennials

I don’t hate the people classed as Millennials. I love them! I hate the term ‘millennial’. I’m not a fan of any of the social science effort to group us into… Read more »

The Three C’s for Effective Management

If you have been promoted into a management role for the first time, I believe there are three C’s to master. Competency, credibility, and confidence. Once you are able to… Read more »