10 Things I learned About Life and Business from a Single Mom

I was raised as the only child of a hard working single Mom. In my formative years, she taught me so much about life and business. Truthfully, I didn’t know that’s what I was learning until the day came for me to enter the business world. Then, moment by moment, […]

The Emotionally Intelligent Candidate

While academics debate whether emotional intelligence (EI) can be taught, in the workplace, HR professionals are searching for ways to identify EI among candidates and strengthen it in employees. [shareable cite=”Thomas K. Arnold”]EI is the ability to understand your own feelings and to empathize with other people. [/shareable] Dean Bender, […]

Confrontation – Turning the Tables

In my last blog, I spoke about confrontation from the viewpoint of the manager initiating the moment. Now it’s time to talk about a response or reaction from the viewpoint of the recipient. You must realize that confrontation comes in many forms from many sources. Being able to prepare yourself […]

How to Get the Most Out of Confrontation

Here’s a scenario. A problem has been brewing for months. You wish it would go away, but it is quite apparent it will not. The stage is set for confrontation, something most of us do not enjoy. Since we fear the damage to relationships and the potentially distasteful consequences, confrontation […]

Networking for the Advancement Game

Advancement. It’s on everyone’s mind. Many of my coaching sessions include a discussion about this topic. Yet, while advancement is such a concern, I am stunned by the number of times the notion of networking as a means toward advancement is viewed as an “ah-ha” moment. What I mean is, I […]

The Greatest of Expectations

A Letter to All My Friends and Colleagues; We all live lives of expectations. As we ponder the massive number of choices that are to be made every day, we usually make the final decision based on some kind of expectation. When you hear someone has gotten pregnant, what comes to […]

Finding Slack for Better Work-Life Balance

When I was a kid, we actually played with the old tin cans connected by string. By pulling the string tight between the cans, you could use them as a low grade telephone to talk to your friends. The science was that sound waves which could be transmitted down the […]

Power Trippin’

As managers, many face the challenge of handling the power that comes with our position. All positions of management have some notion of power attached, whether the person filling the role deserves it or not. The fact that they were selected to be the manager gives them that power. [shareable […]

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How to Know if YOU have the Heart of a Leader

There is a whole body of academic work surrounding studies about management versus leadership. One of the best explanations I know states simply: Management is about the process. Leadership is about people. ~Doug Thorpe Being a good manager means business goals (or personal goals) are getting met. The process is […]

New Managers – Begin with the End in Mind

This is one of the wisest teachings I have heard in a long time. Anyone who has been appointed as a new manager should be thinking about this vital aspect of the new role they are playing at work. Step #2 in Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits” is ‘begin with the […]