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How to Build a Team Trust Culture

Team Trust – what is it?
What does it mean? Some call it psychological safety.

Regardless of the name, your team can achieve new success and increased profitability by understanding six essential steps to build a High Trust Team.

Want to see the Team Trust Culture in action? We utilize a clear model that outlines how to successfully manage others. It’s much more effective than conceptual training.

The model presents concepts in a logical order, making it easier to remember and replicate.

Learn what managers should do, not how they should be.

6 Steps to Build Your Team's Trust


Key question: Do I even want to be on this team?  Each member of the team must satisfy this basic question before any other work can be achieved.
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the plan


Key question: Do I understand why we exist as a team?

Is there clarity around our mission? Each member of the team must satisfy this next question to gain clarity before commitment.

#3 – PLAN

Key question: How is this going to be done?

I understand the purpose of my team but tell me more about how we’re going to do this. Can I believe and connect?

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Key question: What drives the way we will do things?

What works and what does not? There should not be any artificial roadblocks in the way of team success.


Key question: How will we measure success?

Fair and equitable performance evaluation and measurement are required. Today’s workforce demands better feedback and coaching from their leaders.



Key question: What is the payoff for accomplishing everything we set out to do?

Are the rewards worth the effort. Rewards are not limited to monetary compensation. Think about recognition, pride, self-esteem, and other measures of achievement.

Team Trust Culture Resources You Need

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Why Does Team Trust Matter?

Leaders whose teams achieve maximum results in all six categories will experience greater team trust. Having an environment of high trust results in better performance overall.

One big benefit of implementing this Team Trust Model is momentum! As your team begins using these steps, you will see a distinct increase in positive activity and cooperation. Your team will actually like working with each other again!

Our system has been implemented at world-class organizations and it can work for your business, too. Regardless of the size of your company, better team performance can produce positive and profitable results.

At no cost to you, I am offering a no-obligation discovery call to discuss this opportunity to maximize the productivity of your team. Let’s explore the ways you can build the right culture in your company. Get in touch to see how the Team Trust program can help your group work more like a real team.