The Day After the Day Before

Yesterday was staged to be a historic moment for the U.S. Regardless of the outcome, election day 2008, America would select a leadership team that represented significant change. As it has turned out, Barack Obama has been elected the first African American President.

Regardless of your personal persuasion, now is the time to put aside the political differences and return to a unified America. Time and time again, the people of America have demonstrated a resolve to face our challenges, both foreign and domestic. We find solutions, we decide a course, and we move forward.

It is my hope that we the people, can once again rekindle our collective spirit to overcome the financial, security, and cultural challenges that face the United States. May we return to an all-inclusive faith in a Holy God, that is a supreme being, the creator of the universe, the One who ordains our leaders, and the One who is in ultimate control regardless of the person sitting in the White House.

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