Three Simple Truths About Growth

30503940_mlBusiness leaders wanting to grow can take a simple page from the farmer’s almanac. The principles were taught in science class. For thriving growth you need fertile soil into which your roots can reach deep. You need the right amount of water and you need sunlight.

Let’s break these down into practical applications.

Fertile Soil

Where are you planted right now? I ask this both literally and figuratively. How deep is the root bed in which you are living?

Life has its way of happening right before our eyes. If you are not careful, the “busyness” of life erodes the good stuff from around us. Quality time with loved ones gives way to pressing deadlines. Sharing with close friends and family is replaced with status reports and project plans. Situational morality takes the place of core values.

It’s simply real hard to stay firmly rooted in deep, rich relationships, sharing, caring, and giving love and receiving love.

You might fool yourself into thinking that any advancement you enjoy may have eliminated the need for these things. Yet, just like the winds on the farm, good soil can be blown away and your roots exposed to the heat of noonday sun and the loss of essential nutrients to keep you growing. Soon there is a shriveling and perhaps moral, spiritual or even physical death.

Yes, rich fertile soil is a key to thriving growth. Take a look at where you are planted right now. Do your roots have a chance to reach deep and stay strong.


Water has always been an enigma for me. In the literal sense, the right amount quenches thirst and restores the body. Too little causes dehydration which can lead to serious medical problems. Yet too much water chokes and steals our breath away.

In the figurative sense, scriptures tell us about living water. We need to be quenched within our souls too. Without the right amount of this water, we can look OK on the outside, but inwardly we are slowly dying.

What is your source for life giving water? Have you walked away from the source or do you take in, everyday, the right amount so that your thirsts are quenched and your life is full?


My recall of science class reminds me sunlight is more than just some bright light. It is comprised of multiple rays; different frequencies that each have a purpose for stimulating growth.

Sunlight is a bit like water in the sense that too much can be harmful while too little is not good either. Ah, but the right amount allows molecular stimulation. In plants it is photosynthesis that allows growth to happen. For us it is a triggering of vitamins (like Vitamin D) and other nutrients to go to work.

Literally, light conquers darkness. A single match in a perfectly dark room lights the whole space. Figuratively, the light in our lives can overcome darkness.

If we turn off or dim the sources of light around us, we grow darker. Our souls succumb to depression. Keeping the lights on around us help us to maintain growth and forward momentum.

Call to Action

So as you seek ways to grow (maybe it is through a coach, a program, a pod cast, or a speech), have you forgotten these three simple truths? They are the base elements for successful growth of any kind; professional, personal or spiritual.

The use of programs, books, and speeches can contribute to your fertile soil, water and light, but they can never replace the fundamentals described here.

If you have turned away from any of these key components, I encourage you to start today to restore the proper balance in your life. Ask yourself where and how you can re-plant yourself in an environment that offers all three parts.

You may need to change something. It might be a bad relationship, a misguided personality you call friend, or it might even be the wrong job situation. There are so many things that can take away the right blend of essential elements needed for sustained growth and prosperity. Allowing any of the negative influences around you to rob you of good soil, fresh water, and bright sunlight stunts your growth.

Keep growing my friend. Find the best mix of these fundamentals to keep you strong!


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