Through the Looking Glass

Recently I ran across an old article written by a local business writer for my city’s lead newspaper. The text was a challenge to people who were trying to make changes in their life either by career transition or by some other strategic move.

The question was “have you looked in the mirror lately?” I happen to like that thinking. I am a big fan of introspection and self-talk for overcoming challenges in life. So as I was being refreshed with this article it dawned on me that there is one big problem with that approach.

Again, do not forget I said I was a fan of introspection. However, here’s the rub. Too often when we allow ourselves these moments to “look in the mirror”, we find that the answers to our questions are very negative, perhaps even self-loathing responses. Perhaps they come from those infamous voices of our past like that third grade teacher, or the neighborhood bully, or even more sinister, from a parent who was less than model in our lives. As we try to recalibrate a moment in the present by doing a self-analysis, we should never fall victim to those bad voices that can cloud our vision in the mirror.

It is critically important that your time of reflection be tempered with a certain truth about those things that are your personality, psyche, and makeup. Watch out for being overly critical, yet try to find a center of truth. Sometimes we need a close friend (the kind that can get away with speaking the truth) or an objective outsider who is willing to help with thoughts and observations. Either way, the need to look into the mirror is a good practice.

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