Top 10 Epic Fails on Your LinkedIn Profile

To my Tribe…. I am so excited to announce that I have just finished preparing a big bonus for you. If you rely on LinkedIn to boost your professional brand in the marketplace, you need to get this Bonus.

10EpicFails Cover RENDERFor all the years I have been coaching busy professionals, there is one area where a little extra care is always helpful. Anyone who uses LinkedIn needs to be careful about the brand message they present. You need to pay attention to and avoid these common mistakes. Positioning with the right story will make a huge difference, regardless of your goal. You only have a brief opportunity to make a good impression. Your LinkedIn profile speaks volumes.

A good friend of mine, Rick Gillis, once said:

‘Hiring is not about selection, but elimination.’

If your LinkedIn profile has things wrong or missing, those could be the reasons you get eliminated rather than selected. I have compiled my list of the top 10 things I see good people do wrong on LinkedIn.

I am offering this to you FREE! It’s called the “Top 10 Epic Fails on Your LinkedIn Profile”.

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