Managers: Top 10 Things Happening in Gap Week

Plan with you closest circle
Plan with your closest circle

So this is gap week. I conducted a very informal poll (not statistically valid, but true nonetheless) of my closest friends, family, and colleagues. I have determined the week between Christmas and New Years gets used for many different things, few of which have anything to do with work product.

I say Hooray for that! Here is my top 10 list of things being done this week.

Courtesy 123rf.com / alexmit
Courtesy 123rf.com / alexmit
  1. Merely playing hooky.

  2. Showing up at the office but doing nothing.

  3. Spending some use-it-or-loose-it vacay.

  4. Shoveling snow.

  5. Juggling kids that really should be back in school (parents).

  6. So glad kids are home and school is closed (teacher friends).

  7. Fighting crowds at stores for exchanging gifts.

  8. Keeping the gifts you really should exchange; note to self…re-gift maybe?

  9. Spending quality time with family.

  10. Making awesome plans for 2016 !!!!

OK, I told you it was neither scientific nor statistically valid. But hopefully it will be useful for generating thoughts in your world.

Seriously, I encourage you to think thru your goals, visions, and even your dreams for 2016 if you have not already done so. Now is the time to calibrate your view of the work-life-faith balance you want to achieve.

  • Average managers know they should plan.
  • Good managers have this kind of plan.
  • Great leaders know how to execute on the plan.

[shareable cite=”Doug Thorpe”]You cannot lead people if you cannot lead yourself.[/shareable]

Here are my recommendations for you:

  • Set a list of positive expectations you hope to achieve in the new year.
  • Don’t just make resolutions (those stink). Make plans with good actionable steps.
  • Plan with your spouse or partner.
  • Walk away from the people, things, or circumstances in your life that drain you.
  • Take the calendar for 2016 and block in the highest priorities first (is there a trip you keep putting off?).
  • Make a list of good books you want to read this year (shoot for at least two).
  • Reconnect with quality people whom you’ve lost touch (you can never have too much quality in your circle).
  • Plan to complete at least one big thing on your bucket list.

I could go on, but these are the core of what I believe will help you plan a wildly successful year in 2016. It’s great to have this gap week to do some of that.

Here’s to YOU in 2016 !!!!

[reminder]What big thing do you plan to complete in 2016?[/reminder]

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