Value Propositions

Yesterday at JMS, we featured Jim Jacobus, world renowned sales training expert and speaker. Jim presented a powerful message about creating your own personal value proposition. In sales, having a value proposition is key. In the JMS “STRIVE” Model for building a successful job search plan, the value proposition is the pivotal fifth step.

When you go for job interviews or for networking contacts, you must have a value proposition that is relevant, memorable, and purposeful. Jim covered all of those points and showed people how to build that for themselves. Having a sales minded job search approach is not about pushing something on someone. Rather it is about understanding their need for a solution, then showing them the solution you can offer. You do this by explaining your value proposition.

By the way, to all job seekers, when you hear any statement from an interviewer that sounds like an “objection” to who and what you are, you need to be thinking “buying opportunity”. People only start thinking of “objections” when they are seriously considering the “buy”. So don’t let those golden nuggets slip past. Jump on them with a further explanation of your own value proposition.

To hear more click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8QRAiWrX0c

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