Thanks for taking time to register for our call. I look forward to hearing from you. Here’s a short video I shot to explain why I love coaching and mentoring.

I also want to share some of the testimonials I’ve received.

I have had the great fortune to work with and learn from Doug Thorpe in difficult situations where pressure was intense and success or failure of the mission depended upon leadership quality at the top of the organization. Doug is unflappable and in the most difficult of circumstances, he always provided a clear head, forward-looking guidance, sound coaching in all directions, and a cheerful spirit. Doug is a problem solver and a teacher at heart.

Dana Bickford, Deputy Director PMO, Bank of America

I am so impressed by Doug Thorpe and the valuable service he is providing. Watching him work, it is immediately clear that his broad array of business and interpersonal skills has come together beautifully to create an excellent product for those he serves. Doug is enterprising, insightful, caring, easy to trust, easy to respect, and especially easy to like!

Wes Avants, Physicians Leadership Institute

As someone who has the privilege of being mentored by Doug, I can say that both my personal life and career have advanced through the techniques and wisdom he has imparted on me. I’m thankful for Doug’s perspective and experience as it has helped me provide value to my employer and has allowed me to grow as a person in my interactions with my family and friends.

Jordan Caldwell, Digital Marketing Programs Manager, Gulf States Marketing

I had the privilege of being coached by Doug. He epitomizes a great leader; a servant leader. Doug is humble and willing to sharing his experiences to help others reach their potential. As a coach, Doug helped me manage myself and manage up. Doug empowers everyone he works with. So fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Doug.

Sheri Mitchell, HR Director, Health Trust