What is the New Normal?

In a recent post by another author, I heard this question; What is the New Normal? I like that thought. As things around use change, we see a shift towards a “new normal”. The example given was that the airlines now charge for extra bags and in many cases, even carry-ons. So, that change creates a new normal.

My question is what is the new normal for the employment game? An old fashioned resume and cover letter won’t get you very far these days. Computers scan documents for keywords and make sometimes arbitrary decisions about candidate selection. So that has become the new normal. How can job search candidates stay up with the seismic shifts in the placement game? Here are a few thoughts:

  1. Get to know a quality recruiter. I mean someone who can prove themselves as a real pro in the recruiting game. Become a trusted connection for them. Offer to help them with referrals and input. Then get their insights into the norms they see emerging.
  2. Join a professional networking group. Whether you choose a trade association or a community sponsored group, GET INVOVLED.
  3. Read and grow. When was the last time you flipped thru, no, I mean really read articles from a Fortune, Forbes, Businessweek, or Wall Street journal?
  4. Become a better listener. Listen more than you talk when you are introduced to someone who might have some knowledge about a topic. Stop trying to impress them with your “stuff”. Listen to what they might offer, then grow from that.
  5. Finally, be willing to accept change. As you learn these new normal things, try to avoid the temptation to buck the change.

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