When Others Are Making the Assessment

What would your personal story look like if you went away, permanently, and left someone else to sort through things and figure out how and what you did as a manager, leader, spouse or parent? Is your leadership creating the outcomes and results you intended?

Courtesy 123rf.com
Courtesy 123rf.com

I have had a lot of experience looking at businesses that failed. As a person who is occasionally asked to act in a legal receivership capacity, I get to see a lot of deals that went bad. Usually the loss is not sudden, but rather a series of events. Some are justifiable as ‘economic’ factors or ‘market conditions’, but others are purely spawned by ‘operator error’ or ‘pilot error’ if you will.

In business it is often easy to piece together the back-story. Legal documents and work papers often tell those stories. Even with that knowledge though, as told by the paper trails, one is often left to ask why? Why did that executive choose that path? Why that choice? How did the Board come to that conclusion? What was going on that drove the leadership decision making process in that direction? Which values were being considered or ignored?

I will take greed, corruption and fraud off the table. I am not even talking about those obvious lapses in human character. I am talking about decisions made in good faith that ultimately lead to a disaster.

So if that is the business side of the question, what about our communities or families? Our tribes? Our marriages and our children? With families there is usually not an administrative, legal receiver-like individual arrangement. Oh yes, divorce courts have influence, but I mean a forensic effort into the hearts and minds of those we say we love. What if there was a moment when those people spoke and said “here’s the deal; here’s what has happened and is still happening.”

Would your score look the way you meant it to? Would the feedback be something you could be proud of?

There is always time to make a change. Here are few ideas about how to start:

  • Evaluate – make your own evaluation with this thought in mind – what is the assessment?
  • Adjust – make the changes you decide are not keeping you on course.
  • Change – make the move to do something different.

Perhaps today is a good day to start.

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