Winds of Change?

Turn, turn, turn…to every season turn, turn; an old line from a popular old song, but even more significant, text from the Bible. Yes, scripture reminds us of seasons of change. We must all accept the inevitable winds of change. Perhaps the new turn is in your favor or maybe not. Regardless, we are bound by the natural order of this world as we know it and the changes that must occur.

I am often amused at the reluctance some people have at accepting change. If age truly does bring wisdom it should include the recognition that change can be very good. It’s all in the way we choose to look at things.

Look at your situation right now. Are you in the deep middle of a big change or has the sea of changed calmed for a brief moment. Either way, we are encouraged to sing praises in our current circumstance. Perhaps things are not quite as you would like. Ask yourself “is there anything positive I can do right now to effect the direction of my current motion?” Sometimes the answer may truly be “”No”, just wait this out. But more often than not, the answer is “well of course there is something I can do”.

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