“You are NOT Your Job!”

Hey Folks, I am really excited to announce the release of my latest white paper

“You are NOT Your Job!”

If you saw my video this week, I said the paper was coming out soon. It’s ready NOW! And best of all, I have decided to give it away FREE!

Just jump over to the sign-up link on the right hand side, right near the top. If you are getting this email, you are already in. But tell other people about this great, FREE offering. Friends, family, that recent college grad….anyone can use this.YANYJ Cover2


If you’ve followed my blog at all, you know what I am doing is not JUST about job search and career coaching. NO! It’s about finding a better balance between work, life, and faith. But I decided to write this white paper because I watched so many people dealing with job loss during the bad crisis in 2008, that I knew people put too much value in what they think they are because of their work. I believe we really need to turn that thinking around.

If you are mentoring a young person, be sure to tell them about this idea. You can use my white paper to get the discussion started.

Join the discussion by signing up for my blog, getting my emails, and sharing comments on social media, or heck, just by writing in below here. I love to hear your feedback.

Hey it’s all about momentum for the journey!

Introducing the WHY.os. Learn YOUR why, how, and what that drives your passion and motivation.


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